We take a look into what’s going to be new in Web Design for 2020

2020 Web Design - what's to come in the next 12 months from Outhouse Media

Well it’s been another great year for Outhouse Media, with lots of exciting projects coming through the door, with thanks to our website re-designs for existing customers and the new clients joining the Outhouse Media fold. It’s been a hardworking year too, with our nose to the grindstone to keep up with demand. This being said, we believe the last year has seen some of our greatest works to date and sets the stage for a very productive 2020.

Recently, our attention has been drawn to what’s to come and how best to approach the new year. With a look to not just going through the motions of creating new sites, but pushing the boundaries to create some inspiring websites going forward. With this in mind we’ve been taking a long hard look at some past projects, with a keen eye on what 2020 is sure to bring in terms of design style and website optimisation.

Well in regards to our dedication, you’ll note it’s more of the same! In regards to design trends and search engine optimisation – it looks like a progression built on the shoulders of the shift in styles seen throughout the 2019’s.

So what do we mean be this, how are things shaping up and how do we see things progressing through the next 12 months?

Well to this regard we believe designs are going more uniformed in style – not in a bad way, but more in tune with bold yet simple constructions, with ease of use in mind. Straightforward layouts are taking over from complex functionalities and interesting elements to streamline the appearance of a website’s front end. What we mean by this in lay mans terms is a more simplistic approach to content layout, short sharp sentence structures with a shorter paragraph length and less use of longer words. A focus on passive voice content and connecting words such as “and“, and “therefore” etc. This approach is based on readability, not only for the user but for search engines and bots who repeatedly scan through your website content to index and rank your website.

Headlines are becoming shorter too, with more use of a sub heading structure and spacing between text blocks, paragraphs and content sections. This all has a bearing on overall layout, forcing the hand to give a more overall simplistic layout structure. This is a good thing – it keeps things looking very open and clean for the user to follow, without the need to get lost in a wash of content or how to navigate from one page to the next.

Images are becoming larger in size and used a little more sparingly, which helps reduce the overall file size of a page. Google is giving more a more weight to ranking positions based on speed – speed being determined by how fast a page loads and a direct consequence of file size, hence the use of less images. This goes hand in hand with the use of fewer plugins on sites, as the more plugins used, the heavier the overall file size of a page / website. Obviously functionality is determined by the needs of that particularly website and client – but the use of a plugin for the sake of it is now becoming obsolete. The return of a simplistic, minimalist approach and raw based code is now being favoured over elaborate / more complex features. That is not to say these kind of features have come to an end – just used more sparingly and where needs dictate their use.

To summarise it’s going to be now much more function dictating form as opposed to form determining the function. A more purist approach to web design. It’s a design starting point which is going to make the next 12 months really interesting a much more of a radical breakaway in style that we’ve not seen for a few years.

This is not to say that this is something entirely new – it’s a design trend that has already started and well underway with many forward thinking design houses. but it’s an approach that many more sites will be following going forward, which will have more of an overall impact than has previously been seen.

Regarding Outhouse Media’s current position – it’s style and a trend that began more than a year ago. Browsing through our work over the last 12 months, this shift in style can clearly be seen. Why not check out some great examples in our website portfolio. Hold Tight – it’s going to be a very interesting next 12 months!

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