Three Reasons Why it’s Important to have a Good Website. Don’t settle for 2nd Best

Good Website Design - Don’t settle for 2nd Best

Well, it’s common sense really and only boils down to three main things.

1. Any website you have needs to look good – obvious really. Your website is not only reflecting your business and brand over the internet, but it’s also got to be attractive to the user. If your website doesn’t look good and visually pleasing, there’s no interest for the visitor to want to stick around and stay on your website. A good looking, professional website is therefore key to reflecting how good you are and the best way to effectively promote your business, brand product or service. With this is mind, it doesn’t make sense to opt for a less professional site just to save a few £’s, as this will have an adverse effect on the customer experience, resulting in fewer enquiries, which defeats the whole point in the first place.

2. Ease of use – again sounds pretty obvious – but if your website hasn’t been thoughtfully constructed in the right way to allow a greater user experience, the user will get lost or at the very least have difficulty finding what they are looking for, meaning there’s fewer reasons for them to stick around. Structured, well organised content that is clear to understand, creates a greater user engagement, creating a positive impression with your visitor and increasing the likelihood of an enquiry. Ease of use also brings into play the need for a well organised responsive setting format – whereby content and structure respond to the screen size of the device your user is accessing your website through. Ensuring your website is fully and truly responsive to all screen sizes and mobile devices, means that any user on any device will be able to navigate their way around your website, find what they are looking for without the need to try another (competitor’s website).

3. And finally, Content is king – now a pretty worn out phrase – but as ever, probably the most important factor to any website and without which makes the above irrelevant. Why? well for two reasons really. 1. informative, clean and concise content has a much bigger impact to the user browsing a page. By all means include lots of content, but if your message and important information is lost in a sea of content, the user won’t discover this without the labour of intensive reading – which in the vast majority of cases, they simply won’t do. 2. The better the content and how well this relates to your on page key phrases and search criteria, has a direct correlation to how well your website performs on search engines. Ensuring you have fresh, well written and structured content that all relates back to your page, titles, descriptions all wrapped up in your pages seo phrases is part and parcel of an effective website. The higher up the search engines for organic search results, the greater visitor numbers you’ll receive. The more visitors you have – the more likely you are to convert more sales / enquiries for your service / product.

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