The 6 rules of website trends for 2019. It was always going to go this way

The 6 rules of website trends for 2019

So what’s going to be happening in 2019 website design? Well, 2018 has been a very exciting time, in terms of website design. It’s an industry that never stands still, and over the last 20 or so years we’ve seen a lot of changes, none more so than the last 12 months. The implementation of SSL certificates, GDPR compliance regulations and updated Google algorithms, has just been one side to how fast things have been moving.

In terms of styles and techniques, things have taken a big step forward too. We’ve seen a push towards a more fluid, large formatting design approach in an unobtrusive fashion. All of which goes to show how important it is, to ensure your website is kept up to date and fresh / on trend to avoid being left behind. The saying has always been to look to redevelop your website every 3 years or so (ish) give or take a year! After all – would you go buy a new phone and not look to update it after a given amount of time?

That being said, how are things shaping up for 2019 and what can we expect to see in the next 12 month of website development, styles, trends and approaches. We sum it up in 6 steps…

1. White space
Allowing the content (and your visitors’ eyes) room to breathe.

2. Boxes, borders & graphical planes
Segmenting the information into visual categories.

3. An intuitive search method
Letting your users jump straight to the info they need.

4. Grids
Although not always necessary for comprehension, keeping content within a rigid, consistent structure helps reduce the effort required to process it.

5. Strong information hierarchy
Establishing a consistent design language using content types (blurbs, excerpts, calls to action).

6. Visual hierarchy
The relative importance of different content areas and elements can be visually implied in many ways, ranging from typographic treatments (headlines, sub-headings, pull-quotes, etc.), to image sizes and saturation, placement, etc.

With this is mind it’s all set to be yet another interesting year and one we certainly look forward to with great gusto. Don’t forget to keep any eye on our current work in our Website Portfolio where you’ll be able to see for yourself how things are ever changing.

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