Handy Guide for Setting up Your Email

A Step by Step Guide to Setting up your Email Account

Setting up an email account is something we get asked from time to time. But don’t worry, it’s pretty straightforward and there’s only a few steps to follow once you have the information. No matter what your email client is, or the device you’re using, you really only need to know a few things…

Quick set up guide

1. On setting up a new email account you need to include the correct email address. Make sure that this is spelled correctly and with no spaces.

2. The password for that email account. If you have multiple accounts that you’re setting up – you will have been assigned a unique password per account. Again, on entering the password, ensure this matches to the password you have been given. Remember, passwords are case sensitive.

3. Incoming and Outgoing mailserver settings. These are always to be: mail.yourdomainname (.co.uk) or  (.com) etc.

4. Outgoing mailserver advanced settings. My server requires authentication – tick yes and to use the same settings as the incoming mailserver.

Depending on the software version, device being used and the manufacturer, will effect how these steps are followed. However, in all cases, the above information are all the details you need in order to correctly set up your emails.


There are instances where certain settings will be dictated to by your choice of a POP or IMAP account, and whether the domain name you are using has an SSL Certificate. To briefly summarise these options: A POP account will download emails from the server. Once downloaded, they will no longer be on the server to be able download again to another device (ie your phone). An IMAP account will leave a copy of the email on the server (for a given amount of time selected by yourself). Both options have their advantages and preferred use depending upon your requirements. If selecting IMAP, please click to remove after a given time period (select). Otherwise, eventually your emails will exceed the storage limits set and as a results your emails will cease to function. You will then need to clear / manage from your webmail account.

Your Webmail account can be accessed online at the website address (no www.) webmail.yourdomainname (.co.uk) or (.com) for example. This brings up a log in screen with username and password options. The username is the email address for the account you are wishing to access. The Password is the password for that account, which we will have confirmed to you. Once logged in – you will be able to to access your inbox and send and receive emails from that email account. You will also be able to view and manage from here.

Still struggling?

Microsoft has set aside some very useful set up instructions for many devices and versions. Which we hope in most cases, will be able to resolve any issues you may be experiencing. Microsoft Email Set Up

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