Domain Authority and how this affects your SEO

Domain Authority and SEO

Domain Authority is now used more than ever and directly effects your website listing position on Google. This is much to the fustration of website owners and seo site optimisers.

Ok – this may be a new concept to a lot of seo principles – but gone are the days where a website is judged and ranked solely on how good or bad the SEO is.

Struggling to comprehend why you’re still not hitting that number one spot like you were a few months ago? This is not because of bad SEO, a penalty by Google or that there is an error with your website that you’re unaware of. It’s not even the case that your competitors – who now outrank you are doing so with more noteworthy content. It is because google is now using your domain authority as a direct search engine ranking tool.

Why we’re so sure

After many hours researching and testing. We produced a set of data corresponding a fixed search term against a given list of search results. Those on the first page of google were pitted against each other on standard SEO rules (of which there are many) including mobile visibility and speed checks. There was no obvious correlation in low to high SEO scores as a comparison to the site position. It made no sense – small sites were outranking larger sites and low scoring sites were outranking sites with great SEO. It seemed to be completely random and very frustrating for any hardworking SEO wizard to get their head around.

Obviously there had to be some reason for these results and a set of rules bench marking the order the results appeared in. All became abundantly clear as soon as we used the domain authority checker to track websites positions. At every instance, and in descending order of domain authority scoring – results were 1-10 in the order of their score. Once we had these results, we then multi tested against different search terms compared to search positions based upon their domain authority score. The results were the same.

A recent change

This is something that has only recently come into effect as a major ranking factor and maybe part of any recent algorithm updates.

To this end, it is still beneficial to ensure any SEO works are done well, and to directly benefit the site in question. Domain authority falls out of the scope of supply when trying to get a clients site to rank higher.

Off-site SEO is now invaluable and based upon domain age and also back links to your site from reputable sources. Social media is proving to be essential to this. Any owner of any site has to seriously consider off site works to a website if they truly want to rank highly. Domain authority is not a quick fix and will take time to improve your score.

To cover the ins and outs of domain authority, will take many many pages of content to explore fully. However, we’re on hand to discuss our findings and knowledge gained in our research.

Neil Patel also has some great further reading, info and breakdowns. Here’s the link for those of you who may be interested in learning more.

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