Don’t remain in the dark ages with an old website

We look at the many benefits of maintaining a modern website presence and explain why sticking with an old website can be bad for business.

An old website will have a negative impact on your search performance and enquiries

Outdated and old websites can lose out to poor ranking positions and customer traffic moving towards your competitors. Important factors to take into consideration so that your website is not left in the dark ages.

Backend Security / Platform.
SEO / Content and Search Results.
Mobile Compatibility.
Under Performing Websites.

The general rule of thumb is to advise a website revamp about every three years (ish). This also depends on your market place and what your competitors are doing. Some clients find it important to give everything a face-lift every couple of years. But why do we say this and why is it important.

1. Design

Do you look to upgrade your mobile phone every 2 or 3 years? In order to have latest version, to take advantage of new features and design etc? The same goes for your website, but to a far greater extent. Your website is your business shop window and an invaluable business tool. Far outweighing the importance of what version of phone you use. It’s very natural that over a given amount of time a once new site will start to look outdated. The longer this is left, the older it appears, especially if competitor are revamping their own sites.

Your website represents your business. How well or how badly it does this can either leave a positive or negative impression, leading to a loss of leads and enquiries. Design trends change, and change fast in the world of the web design. Aesthetically it’s therefore important to keep visual elements up to date in order to remain appealing to your customers.

2. Security

Long gone are the days of hand coded websites in html. Instead, we see a strong shift to Platforms such as WordPress for example. These feature rich plugins (such as forms, eCommerce, and anything interactive) are forever being upgraded. This is inline with possible bug fixes, security patches or just to stay in touch with the latest PHP script platform versions they use. Not upgrading these platforms and plugins can have a serious and negative impact on your sites performance. Especially in light of possible virus attacks and malicious code which finds its’ way into your site through an out of date backdoor.

New sites are be built on the latest versions of software. At the very least you should be opting for some sort of web maintenance package. Whereby your webmaster checks and keeps on top of latest version releases. If you have a business premises, would you leave the front door open or unlocked? Of course not – so why do it with your website.

3. Search Results

Search Engines love fresh content and a website that is updated on a regular basis. A new website gives you the opportunity to include more content, pages and functionality as your business expands. A website left on the shelf will fall back on organic search result listings, leading to fewer clicks as a result. Search Engine algorithms evolve (ie the set of criteria an engine uses to read / index and rank your website). It’s important to know this, if you have any doubts or questions, you should raise them with your web designer. He or she should be using and incorporate the latest practices and techniques when they put together a fresh design build. Explore Search Engine Optimisation.

4. Mobile compatibility

Some websites of a certain age are not even mobile compatible, or user friendly to the screen size being viewed through. This is an instant turn off to any visitor. If you’re running a 5-6 year old website for instance, the chances are it may not be mobile compatible. This is a big no no, not just in terms of site user experiences, but also from Googles point of view. As they will index a mobile compatible website higher (on two identical websites). Read More on Responsive Website Design.

5. Overall performance

If you’re running an older website, it may not be working out for you as well as you believe it ought to. Outhouse Media offer full redesign and development services. We take an in-depth look at your current site and point out areas where it will be under performing and explain how this can be rectified. We’ll also draw up a visual proposal to demonstrate how your new site could look and operate. In conjunction with this, we’ll also provide easy to use CMS / Content Management Systems to allow you to update your own website with fresh content whenever you want!

Just get in touch if you have any questions or would like to discuss further a redesign of your current website. Or visit the Outhouse Media Home Page for full information and links to our services.

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