Richard Heistand Website Design & Brand Development

Richard Heistand Logo Design and Branding Concept
Richard Heristand Website Design

We’re very proud to receive the contract to develop the brand and also website development following visuals for Richard Heistand. Richard is a Daytona / Lamborghini Driver over in the USA.

Outhouse Media have developed the initial branding concept to reflect the Richard Heistand identity and USA heritage. It’s a strong concept that can be used in full red and blue or B&W colours. The forthcoming dynamic website is clean, modern as well as striking in it’s appearance. It will also house some great user friendly features, animations and rollovers.

Fully and seamlessly responsive, the website is therefore going to be one cool project to be involved with. We’ve started on the initial framework build and will also release full project details and updates in our blog / Website Portfolio. Watch this space!

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