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Social Media Marketing Packages, Management & integration to boost your audience

Awareness & Relationship Building

Social Media integration, Management and or Marketing strengthens your website presence and helps you build customer relationships. Social Media has become an easily accessible platform, increasing communication for organizations brand awareness and often, improved customer service. It serves as a relatively inexpensive platform to implement social media marketing campaigns. Integration and networking facilities on your website allows your users to interact with one another and builds customer relationships.

Integrating Social Media platforms into your website strengthens customer relationships, builds your target audience, increases your brand / product awareness and improves your organic search results.
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Social Media Management & Social Media Marketing Packages

Social Media Management Packages from Outhouse Media

Social Media Management

Social Media Management from Outhouse Media provides your company with a platform enabling you to be able to engage and interact with your customers or audience, raising your online visibility and increasing your brand awareness.

As part of our in-house management services we can set up these platforms (where these do not exist of the case may be), creating graphics and profile images matching the dimensions and formats uniquely to that platforms guidelines and criteria. And fear not, your business remains the main account holder, allowing you to include posts yourself, or full control over your business page.

These days, having no social media presence is like having business card which excludes your company name.

Social Media Marketing and Advertising / Facebook Ads

Social Media Marketing

In essence our Social Media Marketing Packages focus on two main areas, in posting regular updates and / or ad generation and monitoring. Both geared to increasing website traffic, likes, shares and interest.

Posts to your Social Media platforms can run from a once per week policy to a daily event. Here we can reflect and promote your company message, product or service, highlighting content from your website, relevant source data or current trends.

Ad Generation covers initial graphics, ad set-ups and descriptive wording to engage and promote interest. Ads will be monitored and can be tailored to key areas of geo location, longevity and audience evaluation based upon agreed budgets.

Too Important to Neglect

Having a Social Media presence for your business has now pretty much become the norm, with companies realising the potential this can hold.

With social media now having a huge impact on search engine rankings, it is more important then ever to have a good social media presence. Google stated that if business keep up-to-date on their G+ pages they are three times more likely to appear on the first page of Google for their relevant search terms.

With a large proportion of the population having or accessing social media platforms on a regular basis, having your business represented and promoted in the right way can prove to be an invaluable tool to your companies reach.

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What We Cover

Helping you make the most from your social media platforms, with a range of services tailored and geared for you, Outhouse Media can…

  • Platform Setup & Graphics
  • Posts, Updates, Followers and Tweets
  • Business, Service or Product Promotion
  • Monitor Likes, Shares & Traffic
  • Ad Generation and Management
  • Website Integration
  • Tailored Packages to Budgets & Objectives

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