Believe it or not, this is the first question we always get asked

Where does the name Outhouse Media come from? This is the first question we get asked

After a short period of time, our clients always tend to ask the same question “Outhouse Media” that’s an unusual business name – why did you choose that and what does it mean? This is commonly asked and answered, but not what you’d first suspect!

Steve Lawton - Website Design Manager at Outhouse Media

Outhouse Media is the brain child of our founder and Creative Director, Steve Lawton. Steve goes on to explain the meaning behind the name…

Many top design agencies are known for their work, even when they are not listed as the designers through their “In-House” design style. Just like you could spot a Van Gogh or Monet painting, without reading the signature. This can be a good thing, it means you can rely on the quality of the work before an initial approach. We are very proud of the quality of the work we produce, receiving high praise and a high number of client referrals. However, we did not want to be known for having an ‘In-House’ design style. We wanted the design to reflect the business we were designing for, their brand, their identity. Therefore, a design style that is unique to them and different to the design for a previous or next client. So, it was pretty simple really – what’s the opposite of In-House? OutHouse – and there you have it – your question answered.”

Although very simple (once you know), it’s a name that has developed through the process of creating unique websites for unique clients. We’ve always designed from scratch and do not use templates in any of our work. It’s a working format that we’ve taken forward, over the last twenty years and an overriding starting point to any blank screen!

Steve started off as a web designer in the mid 1990’s, at the renowned Majestic Design Studios in Huddersfield. At Majestic he gained and developed his website design skills, coding and SEO practices, before moving over to Sheffield as senior website designer for the Regional Independent Media Group. From here he was raised to the Group Web Design Manager for the Yorkshire Post, heading a team of over 40 staff, covering 8 media centres throughout the North of England.

Throughout this period, there was always a will for Steve to head his own web design company. Outhouse Media was born, building on the extensive resources, design, client and project management experiences Steve had attained in his corporate career. From its inception, Outhouse Media has grown, expanding its client base and team. With a strong and dedicated focus on building long standing, happy customer relationships. We really do pride ourselves in our overriding efforts, to offer the very best levels of service.

Clients who started out with us at the beginning are still with us today, a great testament to the quality of our work and success of the websites we create.

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