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I guess that before we get down to discussing whether or not landing pages could actually work for your business, it may be more prudent to firstly explain what Landing Pages are and how they work within the website.

A Landing Page is just another page of content which forms part of your website. But this page you are using as a point of access from a search engine, for example – if you have a particular service and a user is searching for a particular service, that page will be indexed higher than your home page and a link to it from the search listing. Therefore, the visitor is hitting / landing on this page initially, not your home page, because it is more relevant to the user’s search. In theory any page, which is highlighting a particular or specific product or service, will be ideally ranking higher and uniquely (apart from the home page / main website address).

Traditionally – landing pages have been used as geographical area catchments, whereby a general service or product is assigned to more than one area. As a point of reference, we offer SEOCMSMobile Responsive (etc etc) services – but these all fall under the category of “Website Design”. Therefore, as you’ll see in our website footer we’ve highlighted Areas Covered as “WorksopDinningtonRetfordRotherhamDoncaster and Sheffield“. These are links to individual “Landing Pages”, where we have set aside information and search engine optimisation to a specific area at a time.

For example, although we are based in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, we do cover other areas and often undertake website design works from a wider area other than solely in Worksop. We have then geared this to the users search criteria. To see this in action, just go Google and conduct a search for “Website Design Dinnington” – searching for this throws back the link to our Dinnington Landing Page and NOT our main website address. This is then and not just – you see the difference?

Content on these area landing pages, is then geared to that area and services for that area.

There are criteria to what makes a good landing page, or what makes a landing page better than another. But, essentially this boils down to the age old conditions of standard website design, in terms of design / ease of use / content and structure and the SEO on that page. With the exemption being on the emphasis of very clear quick headlines and text with contact details clearly displayed, (this is the general rule of thumb without going into specifics).

Now that we are clear on what they are – do they actually work?
Like most things, there’s usually more than one point of view. It may not be ideal for everyone, for all occasions, no matter what your business type, expectations or indeed budgets. However, used in the right way, they can have a big impact on your search results (for geographical) areas, which will bring you greater visitor numbers to your website. Asides from this, your landing page will need to be informative and attractive, after all, we can get you the visitors, but can’t make someone buy your product / service. The conversion from a visit to a sale is down to your content.

If you’d like to know more or have general question just let us know

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