Our Top 3 Web Design Questions & Answers

Here's the most common / top 3 web design questions we get asked, along with answers that we hope will be useful...

Our Top 3 Web Design Questions & Answers

If there’s one thing in life that’s certain, then there’s three things in web design that are sure. Without fail, there are always questions, and that’s a good thing as it’s important to know as much as possible. It’s usually the same three questions, or questions that are along similar lines. Because of this, we thought it best to list the Top 3 Web Design Questions and Answers. We hope that this will provide a useful insight and be beneficial to you, the reader.

We’ve done our best to cover many more points in the content found throughout our site, although a good starting point may be to visit our main area landing pages for:

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One thing to remember – that if you do have question for us, we’re here to help, so just let us know. This being said, let’s get on with the show and here goes. Please Note that these 3 web design questions are in no particular order, it’s just how we wrote them.

1. How long will it take?

Well, that’s a good web design question and there’s no one size fits all answer as it all depends on how big your website is (ie number of pages) and the functions it will contain. As you can imagine a 100 page website is going to take longer than say a 10 page website.

This being said, in all cases, once we have all the details we need, we will give you an estimated timescale for completion. We appreciate that this may sound a little vague, so here’s an example for a typical 10 page brochure style website.

We aim to have (following an initial discussion with yourself) a website design visual / mock-up drawn up within 1 week. Following the visual sign off, we can schedule works in to build and put together your website. This also includes adding content, features, images and carrying out associated SEO works. Provided there’s no delay in receiving content, we can usually have a website ready for checking within 2 weeks.

Initial mock-up will be 1 week. With production then being a further 14 days. In contrast – if you need things turning around more quickly, we can pull resources together and prioritise workloads in order to meet your deadline. If it helps, we’ve provided a breakdown here of our Web Design Process.

2. Ho much will it cost?

Thanks on this and again this is yet another good question and probably the most frequently asked web design questions. Like before though, it’s not a simple one size fits all answer as website sizes, features and requirements will differ from client to client. Consequently, our prices are bespoke and based upon the number of pages your website has and the functionality it contains. A smaller website therefore is always going to be less expensive than say a large eCommerce solution.

First of all, before any works commence, we will provide an upfront quotation for all works to complete your project. There will be no hidden extras and we’ll happily go through any questions you may have. We believe that for our skills, the time given to any project and the fantastic results we are able to achieve, that our costs are more than reasonable for the quality we produce. If this wasn’t the case, we’d not have so much repeat business or the number of referrals that we do.

If it helps, we’ve provided a sample price guide / overview of costs and what you could typically expect this too include for any web development project. See our Website Price Guide.

3. Can I update my website after it’s live?

The answer to this web design question is yes, you certainly can and it’s no problem at all. We always say that a website is not like a printed brochure. In that if you wanted to amend a physical brochure, you’d have to get the whole lot printed again. A website can be added to at any time, whether it be the next day or 5 years later.

Additional Pages
As a business develops, it may grow or offer more services. In these cases, a business may wish to expand it’s current pages into a more full / well rounded approach. This isn’t a problem, we can add as many pages as you require, undertaking content and SEO works accordingly. We’ll also make any alterations then needed to the menu structure, internal page links and notify Google / search engines that we’ve added a new page/s.

Blog Posts
Any website design will benefit from regular blog postings. Not only because this provides fresh new content which search engines love. But more so that each new post creates an additional website page. Therefore in theory, what initially starts out as a 5 page website, can easily turn into a comprehensive 100+ page presence. If you utilise your blog in the right way, it can bring enormous benefits and wide reaching ranking position increases and thus more traffic to your website – So Get Blogging People!

Content Updates
If you’re referring to minor text alts or additions, these can easily be made through the admin suite of your content management system. Our WordPress CMS is easy to use and quickly allows you to make text and image alts as and when required. Specific features can be set accordingly for such things as testimonials or new project highlights for example.

As a result, the possibilities are endless. Don’t worry, we’ll not leave you high and dry after we completed all works. We provide a step-by-step user guide with instructions on how to update your website. We’re also always on hand should you need any help at any point in the future. For our customers who’d prefer us to update your website for you, we can do this too – just send through the details and we’ll get to it straight away.

Like to ask anything?

Well, that’s it, we hope that these most commonly asked three web design questions and answers have been useful as we know they are important sources of information for a lot of you. But like we say, if there’s anything else you’d like to know or ask our web design team, you can put your question to us through our Contact Form and we’ll get back to you. Alternatively just give us a quick call or, if we’re online – just use our handy “Chat Facility”.

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