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Building management solutions for a low carbon and connected world, courtesy of BGES Group.

Website design and development project for BGES Group

BGES Group logo and photography

The BGES Group website caters to an organised and extensive overview of building management solutions and services. Video sequences coupled with rollover elements split large content areas into informative sections. Similarly, mixing column formats with full-screen colour sections, typography, and imagery helps to present clear information in a dynamic way.

Dynamic web design combines colour, typography and style

Above all, the objective is to communicate the corporate message to the viewer in a friendly and neutral tone. Graphical imagery is mixed with photography to immerse the user and encourage interaction. A feeling to explore and discover hidden elements creates an engaging experience and longevity for the BGES Group site.

Website photography mixed with graphical imagery to encourage user interaction

Introducing the website development for BGES Group

An intuitive mobile menu structure connects clear content layout, typography, imagery, and graphical icons equally around a responsive framework. As a result, there is a seamless user experience for all mobile, desktop, laptop, and tablet users alike.

BGES Group responsive web design for seamless user experiences across all devices

Project details

BGES Group are award winning building management solutions experts who wanted their online brand to speak with one voice, across all platforms. With an international client base, it was most important to represent their new brand identity in an effective way.

Because of this, the BGES Group came to us to develop a solution that worked both on and offline. Crafting illustrative elements and iconography with dynamic colour use and bold fonts certainly lifts their site presence. After listening to our client, we created a bespoke and powerful new website to specifically improve user flow rates and in turn convert more traffic. Their revised site has a whole new set of features and active elements within a fully managed backend system. This allows our client to post new job alerts and press releases as well as add new projects via pre-set templates.


  • CMS blog and project templates.
  • Interactive elements.
  • Video animations.
  • BGES Group SEO.
  • Responsive frame.
  • Colour coded sections.
  • Immersive formats.
  • Graphical artwork.