Terms and conditions for Outhouse Media.

For clarification or further details regarding any aspect of these terms and conditions, please make your enquiry through our contact form.

Website design

Following client confirmation, we initiate the website design project. Approval must be in writing by email. We build and develop websites in a “live development folder“, which the client has full access to. Only after the client signs off and goes live request is this launched. As part of the go-live process, Outhouse Media will register and verify the site with Google. We also install Google Analytics (unless otherwise stated).

Payment structure

Following the website launch, we invoice as quoted and agreed by the client (see payment terms). For larger projects, Outhouse Media may operate a 3 stage payment process. 1/3 due after visual sign-off, 1/3 due after the initial framework build, and the remainder due on completion.

Untimely delays. Occasionally there may be delays in the progression of any website build (such as delays in receiving client content). Consequently, we invoice to cover the costs of all works undertaken to that date. The balance is due on completion. An untimely delay is when there is no communication or information received from the client within 30 days. Written confirmation of cost is by email, at least 7 days before the invoice.

Following payment, website files become client property. For clients choosing to shut down their website, we require a written 30-day termination notice. Subsequently, we will remove website files from our servers and delete client records from all Outhouse Media accounts.

For clients wishing to keep their website on the server, but de-activated, we also require written notification. Hosting renewal fees still apply because website files (although inactive) remain hosted. To transfer a website to another host, we require a 30-day written confirmation notice. Outstanding costs will need clearing with ourselves before a transfer takes place. Within this 30-day notice period, renewal fees still apply as hosting, domains and SSL Certificates need renewing to remain active.

Website transfer process

In transferring a website away (following request confirmation), we back up site files and send them to the client. It is the sole responsibility of the client and their chosen hosts to re-establish the website files on the new server. Outhouse Media is not responsible for delays in this new go-live procedure. This includes new platforms or issues in establishing this. We will remove website files from our servers and delete Google registration, and sitemap.xml file verification files from our accounts. New Google set-ups will then need addressing by the client and their chosen hosts.

The administration fee for these works is £150.00. This covers our work and the time taken to organise the transfer and Google script removals. Transfer fees must be first received by Outhouse Media before the process commencing. Inclusive domain/s transfers where applicable will be subject to individual domain transfer costs (see below). Written transfer details (IPS TAG) must first be sent to and received by us.


We purchase domain names (website addresses) on the client’s behalf. Registered in the client’s business name (unless otherwise advised). Therefore, the client is the legal owner of that domain name. Outhouse Media host and listed as the technical contact name only.

Primary domain name purchases are inclusive of website costs. Secondary or additional domains are £25.00 each. This covers the original purchase cost, client registration, server set-up as well as associated services. For example, URL forwarding to the primary domain or associated email accounts for the secondary domain.

Domain renewals

There will be no charge for primary domain name renewals on an individual basis. These are inclusive of the website renewal (see hosting and hosting renewals). For secondary domain name renewals, there will be an annual renewal fee of £25.00. This covers the physical renewal fee cost and domain hosting for a further 12 months.

Domain transfers

For inbound domain transfers (domain transfers to Outhouse Media). Outhouse Media will absorb any costs. There will be no cost to the client. For external domain transfers (transfers away from Outhouse Media), there will be a £25.00 charge. This covers the initial domain purchase costs, or the cost of originally transferring in said domain. For domain transfers that exclude a website file transfer, there will be an additional £50.00 administration fee. This covers administration, removal of domain / client records from our Google accounts inclusive of Google Analytics tags, Google registrations and verifications records and tags. Payment must be made prior to the transfer of the domain. It is then the clients responsibility to organise and install new Google records and establish httaccess URL redirects where and as appropriate.


We calculate website hosting fees from page numbers and server space allocation. The minimum hosting renewal is £150.00 per annum. The first year’s annual hosting is inclusive of website build costs (unless otherwise agreed with the client). Payment to renew hosting is required annually thereafter. We email the renewal invoice to the client on the first working day of the month before the renewal month date. For example, we invoice on the 1st business day of March for April hosting renewals.

Hosting renewal dates

We set a hosting renewal date from the primary domain purchase date. For example, a domain registered on the 21st of April (but launched 21st September), is due for renewal the following April. Therefore, Outhouse Media forgoes domain renewal expenses if a client (for whatever reason) does not renew their website. When transferring a domain to Outhouse Media, the hosting renewal date is the website launch date.

Hosting renewal payments

Following the hosting renewal invoice (see above for applicable dates). In line with our terms, clients must ensure that payment is received by us on, or prior to the renewal date. This guarantees that domains, hosting, and associated services remain active. This is the client’s responsibility. We deem a financial Loss from an inactive website (non-renewal) to be a client error. In this instance, Outhouse Media is not responsible or liable.

Non-receipt of renewal payments by the renewal date. We only renew websites, SSL Certificates, and domains following receipt of renewal payments. Domain and website hosting suspends automatically at the server level for renewal date payment lapses. These terms prevent unnecessary renewal costs (if a client intends not to renew). We do not switch websites off.

Late payments. Late receipt of renewal payments (where a website or domain has auto-suspended) and within the 30-day grace period, there is a re-activation £40.00 fee. This is in addition to the initial renewal charge. We do not renew the domain’s name unless payment is received. Domains not renewed subsequently expire and become available to purchase by another party. We then delete website files and records from our servers. At this point, we will be unable to retrieve any files (unless previously arranged with our client).

SSL Certificates

An SSL Certificate gives the website a secure HTTPS URL format. Outhouse Media purchase, install and configure the SSL Certificate. They are domain-specific and unique to that URL.

Website quotations exclude SSL Certificate costs. Because this requirement (although advised by Outhouse Media) is at the discretion of the client. We establish this on the same date as the website launch. Because we renew these through a third party, SSL Certificates are subject to an annual cost.

We email an SSL renewal invoice to the client on the first business date before the renewal month. For HTTPS formats to remain, renewal payments must be received on or before the renewal date. Renewal payments not received by the renewal date means that the unique SSL Certificate for that website will expire. Consequently, we will need to purchase, install and configure a new SSL Certificate as opposed to an auto-renewal. The same applies to late payments. This incurs a £25.00 administration fee to cover works in addition to the original SSL Certificate renewal charge.

Web updates and amends

Clients can manage their CMS website at no additional cost. A step-by-step user guide is sent to the client after the launch of their website. For clients seeking clarification or help on any issues/concerns, there is no charge. Where Outhouse Media undertakes updates on a client’s behalf, we charge our standard £50.00 per hour rate.

Clients will be notified beforehand on expected timescales, with works not commencing until agreed by the client. The minimum update cost is £25.00.


Website maintenance is not the same as website updates and amends, or vice versa. Modern websites run on a platform, utilising several plugins that offer a varying array of functions. Platforms and plugins need updating periodically. This prevents them from becoming outdated or superseded by a newer version (typically for a bug fix or security issue). Depending on the nature, or number of plugins utilised determines the maintenance cost. Our fixed, standard maintenance cost is £25.00 per month.

Every month, Outhouse Media will check the website admin suite, updating platforms and plugins where necessary. Occasionally updating a plugin may cause conflicts with the theme, code, or an associated plugin. We run tests on plugin updates and fix issues as part of the monthly maintenance plan.

For clients undertaking maintenance themselves, or installing plugins that were not part of the original site build. We are not responsible for any adverse effects on the website.

For clients not in our monthly maintenance package. Platforms and plugins will over time become outdated or prone to security issues. On these occasions, Outhouse Media will not be responsible or held liable for any website errors caused. Charges for correcting corrupt or outdated plugins are at our hourly rate.

Print design

Unless otherwise agreed with the client, Outhouse Media will create a draft visual proposal. Artwork and printing proceeds once agreed by the client. Once printed, any spelling, grammatical errors, or inaccuracies of any kind is the sole responsibility of the client. Outhouse Media is not responsible or liable. Costs quoted remain owed. Artwork corrections must be in writing and re-printing costs discussed with the client. Revised proofs need client approval before printing.

Following full artwork creation, clients may undertake one set of amends. Subsequent changes are £50.00 per hour. Once delivered, we invoice as quoted and agreed.

Termination at any time (following visual sign-off) is subject to works covering charge to the termination request date. For printing/payment terms, please see the payment terms below.

Payment terms

Payment terms for website design are 30 days. Payments terms for print work is 14 days.

Payment can be by BACS transfer. BACS transfer to account: Outhouse Media. Bank: HSBC, PO BOX 8, 23 Bridge Street, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S80 1DR. Account No: 31343009, Sort Code: 40-47-21

Related information
Please refer to our price guide

Late Payment

Failure to pay within 14/30 days results in a reminder to the client. Payment failure and where there is no client communication, we pass the debt to our collections agent, Thomas Higgins. This will be notified to the client beforehand via email and a copy held on record until resolved. Thomas Higgins is our legal firm that deals with collections. On instruction, they will send a letter before the action notice to the client. This gives 7 days to make payment to avoid legal action. Legal action continues until Outhouse Media receives full payment.


Cancellation of any website or print work after visual sign-off will result in a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee will be dependent and will cover works carried out to that cancellation date. The minimum cancellation fee will be 50% of the total quotation for works.


To discuss any aspect of our working terms, or for clarification on any point highlighted here, please contact Outhouse Media.

Telephone: 01909 481407