SSL Certificates, Impact and Importance

An SSL Certificate gives the https, green padlock and secure URL format, which is far too important to neglect...

The impact and importance of SSl Certificates

An SSL Certificate gives a secure https URL format

Outhouse Media supply SSL Certificates to our clients in Worksop, Dinnington, Retford, Rotherham, Doncaster and Sheffield. This includes original purchase, we also install and configure to obtain a https url format for your website.

SSL Certificates explained

SSL is the global standard security technology that enables encrypted communication between a web browser and a web server.

An SSL Certificate on a domain name / website gives a https url format in contrast to the standard http format (ie Depending on your browser, you will also see a green padlock / secure and a site verified logo. Until recently, SSL Certificates were reserved for websites that transferred secure data such credit card details such as eCommerce Websites.

These days, they are a more common appearance as search engines. Google are using these as an SEO ranking factor in an attempt to make the web more transparent. By prioritising these as “more trusted” websites as a result and highlighting non https website as insecure. Because of this, we see a rise in the number of websites that use the green padlock / https format.

HTTPS, the new global standard

The https / green padlock format is achieved through the purchase and set up of a SSL Certificate on that domain. Available from Outhouse Media, we purchase, register and install SSL Certificates where required as part of our general website hosting services.

Please Note that these need to renew each year to remain active. We say that pretty much all new websites now have an SSL Certificate installed. Bear in mind that the https format is a complete turn off for potential users. Who therefore may not even then click to proceed to your website.

For more information please contact Outhouse Media directly.

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