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Responsive web design for all screen sizes. Compatible, mobile friendly websites for desktops, laptops, tablets & smart phones.


Responsive, Mobile friendly / compatible web design allows visitors to access your content through any device, no matter the screen size. This leaves a positive impression on your website, your products and or services. The more intuitive and fluid the design, the more engaging a website will be and hence the greater the chances of returning visitors.

We build responsive websites to seamlessly respond to all screen sizes. With many hours testing and refining each element, we ensure a truly beautiful and fluid quality.


Responsive websites engage more with the user, otherwise you risk losing out to your competitors and consequently missing potential enquiries.

Google actively looks out for and rewards a website with a higher SEO score if it is mobile friendly. This means that responsive websites achieve better organic positions on Search Engines and as a result gain more traffic.

Many search engines now highlight a website that is not responsive, which can be an instant turn off for mobile users.

Designed with care

Outhouse Media go that extra mile to create wonderfully responsive websites. In doing this, we spend many hours testing and refining layouts and styles in order to ensure maximum impact and versatility.

Because more and more of us use our phones and tablets to browse the internet, making sure your website works seamlessly across all screen sizes is of prime importance.

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Responsive Web Design

Ensuring your website is responsive & user friendly has never been more important…

Of all mobile phone users

Will use their phone to browse websites of interest to them, looking for products, services or to make a purchase. A website that isn’t mobile friendly can leave a negative impression on the user, possibly the losing potential customers as a result.

Of visitors to your website

Leave immediately and will probably think twice before returning in the future if a website doesn’t suit their screen size. Studies show that website visitors to non-responsive formats and content find them difficult read, use and very difficult to locate what they’re looking for.

Of all online purchases

Or product / services enquiries are either made from a mobile phone or tablet device. With figures like this, your business can’t afford to exclude potential customers’ needs or shopping behaviours.

Increase in accessibility

For mobile friendly / responsive web design, with easy to use and clear content that resizes to the screen size it is being viewed through. A responsive website helps to drive more traffic and enquiries, especially as they are viewed more favourably by search engines.

Responsive websites for desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone screens

Responsive and Mobile Friendly Website Design

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