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Thorough Website SEO / Search Engine Optimisation techniques to raise organic search result positions, driving traffic and enquiries.

Website SEO / Search Engine Optimisation is the process involved with optimising a website and its content to achieve higher organic ranking positions on search engines. We offer focused SEO know how to website owners in Worksop, Retford, Rotherham, Doncaster and Sheffield.

Over the last 20 years our skilled Worksop SEO team have put many hours of dedication into achieving the best tried and tested results. Our experience means that we know what we’re doing and what works best. We have a deep understanding on how best to optimise your website in regards to on-page and external website optimisation. Our SEO Webmasters take all necessary steps and follow all SEO principles in order to organically improve your website ranking positions. At the end of the day, you can have the best looking, most impressive website in the world. But if it doesn’t get any visitors, it’s next to useless.

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Research and Analysis

Following a deep routed investigation of your industry sector against your website content and associated key words, we optimise page titles and meta descriptions to reference your search terms and reflect on page content. Ensuring concise data and character lengths gives any website a head start in organic search results. When everything starts tying in together you’re on to a winner!

Content Editing

Careful attention is given to fresh, well written content and word count, that references that page’s own search term/s. With Internal cross-page linking (anchor links / tags) and keyword density rules being adhered to. Along with structured content and headings, you’re all geared for the strongest results. We make sure there’s no duplicate content and will re-structure content where necessary to maximise sentence length, passive voice and transition word rules. This is all part and parcel of the Flesch Reading Score, which determines content ease of read. We’ll also interweave associated words and phrases that relate back to your search term/s.

Page Speed

Image Alt Tags, Optimisation & Page Speed. We add title and alt tags to images to reference on-page keyword targeting. We compress images in order to reduce file size and as a result increase page speeds. Page speed has become a key ranking indicator by Google and therefore helps your overall SEO score. Outhouse Media are masters at reducing and compressing image file sizes without losing quality.

Registration & Verification

When complete, we register and verify your site with Google. We include a sitemap.xml and robots.txt file which allows search engines to crawl and index your website with ease. Where necessary, Outhouse Media will also set up any htaccess redirects so that any old pages listed on search engines do not link through to 404 (missing page) errors. In contrast, directing the user to the updated url or appropriate new page. Furthermore, we install Google Analytics which enables you to monitor and track website visitor numbers / statistics.

SEO done right means high ranking websites.

High Ranking Websites through Effective SEO Worksop / Website Search Engine Optimisation

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO

We install, set up and configure website page content to the Yoast SEO principles. Each page is optimised against all criteria to achieve high performing results.

Yoast SEO is the number one search optimisation plugin for WordPress with over 200 million downloads worldwide. With a result driven reputation, using Yoast to optimise your content is a sure fire way to boost your natural rankings on search engines. It uses a colour coded traffic light system, which allows us to tweak key phrases, titles and content to their full potential. Get Yoast and Get Ranked High!

Flesch Reading Score


We follow the Flesch Reading Score protocols for website content. How easily read your content is judged has a direct impact upon your search rankings. Search engine algorithms have come a long way over the last few years, examining content, words and Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). Determining relevant and quality content is probably now the founding principle to any search engine success.

By using Flesch we can configure sentence structure, paragraph length and transition words to ensure your content is not only concise and legible, but also search engine friendly.

Google Analytics


We install Google Analytics on every website we produce for two main reasons. Firstly, by setting up a user account for you, you can log in and track visitor numbers to your website. In doing this you can monitor traffic behaviour, pages visited and time spent on these pages. This can prove to be a useful insight to any future changes or marketing opportunities.

Secondly, (and as part and parcel of in-depth SEO work) we can track entrance pages and search terms used to land on these pages. In knowing this we can then tweak content to match the most popular search phrases to ensure a stronger and higher ranking website.

We register, verify and install Google Analytics.

We Register All Websites with Google and Install Google Analytics

Is your current website under performing on search engines? Our experienced SEO team can help.

Based in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, we provide SEO services to under achieving websites in Worksop and throughout the local areas. This also includes Dinnington, Doncaster, Retford, Rotherham and Sheffield. Outhouse Media will undertake a thorough investigation of your site, it’s content, keywords and your aspirations in order to evaluate what needs doing and the best way forward. We take into account all aspects of optimising your sites performance, such as on-site and off-site SEO works. We ensure your website is fully capable of climbing the organic SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Positions), obtaining more visitor and more enquiries as a result.

With an experienced and dedicated Worksop SEO team, we work long and hard to ensure your website is optimised to its full potential, going that extra mile to get your website ranking as high as possible.

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