Boost Conversions with “Live Chat”

Recent studies show that a website live chat facility increases customer engagement and boosts conversions by an average of 40%.

Tidio Live Chat

So what’s Live Chat all about?

Over the last 18-24 months, there’s been a big move in websites including a live chat facility. As businesses see the benefit from increased visitor numbers willing to engage, it’s no surprise. Live chat is therefore seen as a way of bridging the gap between “customer service” and “customer expectations”.

It’s an immediate way for a customer to ask a question or speak directly with that business. Getting an answer right there and then is far more fruitful than being on hold in a telephone queue or waiting for a reply following an enquiry. Without this facility, studies show that it’s a missed lead to sale conversion opportunity.

We’re not saying that every website visitor will use online chat – that’s not what it’s about. It’s about providing the opportunity for conversation, as and where appropriate. If a customer has a question, knowing that they can discuss this directly in a matter of seconds is certainly the best way of building a stronger relationship.

It’s no wonder then that websites with a live chat facility experience a 73% higher customer satisfaction rate against those that don’t.

How Live Chat works

Live chat is usually a small tab or message box located to the bottom right of the users screen. This can be set to open and chat in one click, on page entry or set to open after a given time delay.

From a users perspective, they can enter their message from any page within the website and receive an instant answer from that business. From a website owners perspective, the business can see website visitor numbers in real time, track active users and what pages have been visited. They can then engage directly with the user, highlighting product / service features and generally being of assistance.

This one to one customer relationship is by far a more personal way of communicating.

Statistics show that on average a website without a live chat facility can only expect to convert around 2% of website visitors.

Be mindful though, just because this is shown to increase conversions and sales, a website where live chat is not active may result in a potential buyer to leave quickly if they feel no one is there to help.

Tidio Live Chat

Outhouse Media provides the Tidio Live Chat product. A super solution for any business website large or small. The Tidio Live chat software allows business owners and customers to connect in real-time. It is also the fastest and easiest way to send messages to your website visitors.

The Tidio facility is full of options to meet any business need and can be tailored to requirement, with such configurations as:

  • Customize the live chat to match your brand.
  • Learn who browses your website and reach out.
  • Chat live and answer questions to close more deals.
  • Monitor results and automate chats with AI.
  • Check where your visitors are coming from.

Explore the Tidio Live Chat facility.

Handy Phone App

It just gets better with Tidio. Not only is their online chat facility quick and simple, they also provide an App for you to use directly from your phone! This means that you don’t have to be at your machine or monitor this at all hours of the day. The App easily downloads to your phone and the set up is straightforward.

The Live Chat App means that from your phone you are able to:

  • Get notifications of new visitors.
  • Reply in real time to any messages.
  • Set your online / offline status.

Whether it’s out of business hours, the weekend or you’re away, you’ll still be able to answer questions from your customers. An offline status doesn’t mean you’re missing out either, as in “offline” mode – you’ll still be able to accept messages and reply as soon as you’re free. If there’s a better, more convenient way than Tidio, please let us know.

Get More with ChatBot

Tidio also provides an auto chatbot facility to help customers when you’re not available in person. Chatbot can be set with given responses and directions to certain questions. So, if you find you’re in a position where you’re answering the same questions over and over again – set this so that chatbot responds for you.

Set up short-answer questions, ratings, or surveys, and get actionable customer feedback to help your business grow.

Full Details on the Tidio ChatBot

Already have a website with us? and would like to discuss a live chat facility, just let us know. If you’re looking for a new website with Live Chat, App or Chatbot features, we can help with this too. Just contact Outhouse Media, or chat with us online.

Tidio Live Chat Screens

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