Our heart in Rotherham

Reasons why our Rotherham design roots remain so close to our hearts...

Rotherham Design Roots at RCAT

Rotherham Design provided the earliest introduction to our graphic design background, and is probably the reason for our web design heritage. Producing great web design for our Rotherham based clients was always going to be a must for us. The reason? Well, we’ve always had a great affinity with Rotherham. The town laid the foundations for the very existence of our company, especially in the mind of our founder and creative director Stephen Lawton.

When Stephen completed the final year of his Art and Design “A” Level at Dinnington Comprehensive School, it was clear that if he was to pursue a design career, Steve had to first complete a foundation course before being able to progress to university. RCAT (Rotherham College of Arts and Technology) was the popular choice with other students and therefore the natural stepping stone to which to attend.

The Outhouse Media web design agency is now based on the outskirts of Rotherham and perfectly located for all South Yorkshire website enquiries. So if you’re Rotherham based and looking for a great website to promote your business, we’re sure we will deliver you a great online solution. For full details and enquiries, please first check out our dedicated Rotherham Website Design Page.

Rotherham College of Arts & Technology

Way back in the old days of the early 1990’s “Web Design” as a career was unheard of. Indeed the internet (or as we now know it) hadn’t even been invented. During this period, graphic design work was still being done by hand, with no sign of a computer in-sight. It’s safe to say that design today is totally different to that of only 30 years ago. When Steve began at Rotherham College, web design therefore wasn’t even a consideration. He knew though that his artistic leaning meant that Graphic Design was the right path for a design based career.

Steve spent two short years at Rotherham College, but it was 2 years where he began to learn the basics of graphics and computer based design, using such programs as Photoshop. It was a time of great learning, but also an amazing experience. Steve very much enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of college life, with lots of fun and new friends along the way. Friendships made at Rotherham College are still held dear to Steve to this very day. Many fellow students also ended up moving into the web design world!

With fond memories, it was an experience that has remained close to our creative directors heart to this very day. Many hours were also spent shooting pool in the Charters Arms with fellow students, all imagining what the future would hold for them once they had moved on to working life.

Well I guess the old saying is true – you can take the boy out of Rotherham, but you can’t take Rotherham out of the boy!

Foundation to web design know how

Fonts, letter forms and layouts were initially all new concepts to Steve. However, these tools help to lay the foundations to a design inspiration that would eventually lead on to a successful web design career. Indeed, in later years it always became a bug bear of so called “web design courses”. This shouldn’t be a thing, as we don’t believe web design can be taught or learnt this way. The only way to learn web design, is to first have a strong background in graphic design. These are the founding principles of good design, with layout and page construction know how. Not only in terms of what looks good, but why something works, the font/s, sizes and weight used etc etc.

With this knowledge, you should then move on to simple HTML and CSS to learn the basis of website code. It’s all very well knowing website software, but if you don’t know the basics, you’re always going to be behind. It’s kind of like buying Porsche as your first car, when you haven’t first learnt how to drive.

The Rotherham experience & memories

The experience and great memories taken from college life at RCAT is one of the main reasons why we’ve now created our own dedicated Rotherham Website Design Page. So if you follow this link, you’ll be able to read up on our Rotherham Web Design Services and visit recent website projects for our Rotherham based clients. Have fun! If you’re based in Rotherham and looking for a professional business website, just get in touch. We’re here to answer any questions that you may have and to help your business succeed!

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